Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

Located at the base of the Skyrail cableway, the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park brings Indigenous culture alive with a series of shows, performances, and educational presentations that are designed to help increase the understanding of Aboriginal heritage and culture. In addition to these lively performances, the Magic Space museum provides a showcase of genuine artefacts used by the Tjapukai people some 40,000 years ago. Throw a boomerang and sample traditional bush foods at the Tjapukai Camp, and discover traditional customs and traditions by attending an energising night show – a valuable experience of entertainment and educational measure!

查普凯土著文化园与雨林空中缆车同属一地,以一系列精彩的展示、表演和科普讲解活动,鲜活地展现了原住民文化,增进大众对澳洲土著居民镖镖历史和习俗的了解。 除现场表演外,神奇空间博物馆(Magic Space)还展出查普凯人四万年前使用过的手工器皿。 在查普凯部落营地(Tjapukai Camp),游客可以试一把回旋镖,品一番土著丛林食品,参加夜间活力无限的互动表演感受传统民俗。这段寓教于乐的丰富体验可不能错过喔!

Cairns Western Arterial Road, Smithfield Queensland

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