Queensland Museums

Soak up culture and architecture. See the skeleton of a Queensland dinosaur in the Queensland Museum and the work of famous Australian artists in the Queensland Art Gallery. At night, visit the dress circle of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre or catch a show by the Queensland Ballet, Opera or Orchestra. Watch plays, browse art galleries and dine out in the transformed industrial space of the Powerhouse, which towers over the wide, brown river like a post-apocalyptic vision.

文化与建筑艺术精品在这里齐聚一堂。您可在昆士兰博物馆看到昆士兰本地出土的恐龙化石、在昆士兰美术馆(Queensland Art Gallery)欣赏到澳大利亚知名艺术家的作品。晚间坐上特等席观看昆士兰表演艺术中心(Queensland Performing Arts Centre)或昆士兰芭蕾、戏剧与交响乐团(Queensland Ballet, Opera or Orchestra)的精彩节目。除了看表演、赏艺术,您还可前去由发电所(Powerhouse)改建成的餐厅,俯瞰着高塔下的滔滔河水,享用一顿美味大餐。

Opening Hours Open daily 9am - 5pm every day of the year.
营业时间 星期一至星期日9am-5pm
GPO Building Corner of Grey & Melbourne Streets South Bank, Brisbane Queensland Australia

Contact 07 3840 7555
联系方式 07 3840 7555

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