Oceanworld Manly

Dive into Oceanworld Manly with huge sharks, giant turtles, rays, tropical fish and more! Just 200m from Manly Wharf, Oceanworld Manly is one of the premier attractions on Sydney's Northern Beaches, offering fun for the whole family. See the wonders of the deep with sharks, giant stingrays, sea turtles and a myriad of marine life as you walk underwater through the tunnel of our Oceanarium.

跳进曼利海洋世界,和鲨鱼、巨龟、刺魟还有五光十色的热带鱼一起畅游嬉戏吧! 距离曼利码头(Manly Wharf)仅 200 米的海洋世界是悉尼北海滩地区(Northern Beaches)的主要景点之一,趣味无限,适宜全家游玩。在海底世界幽深的隧道中,鲨鱼、巨魟、海龟等等神奇生物将随着您前行的步伐一一呈现在眼前。

Opening Hours 10am - 5.30pm every day except Christmas Day
营业时间 除了圣诞节,每天上午10:00 - 下午5:30

West Esplanade Manly New South Wales 2000

Contact Phone:02 8251 7877
联系方式 电话:02 8251 7877

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