Angliss Restaurant

The Angliss Restaurant is the Institutes flagship venue and the home of the Great Chef program. The Angliss Restaurant provides fine dining service in a modern and sophisticated environment. The restaurant offers an a la carte menu as well as function facilities for both cocktail functions and sit down lunch/dinner.

若果阁下期望寻找一个浪漫环境和你的爱侣共进烛光晚餐,不妨选择Angliss Restaurant。该餐馆亦可以为阁下提供酒会订餐服务,但是千万记住要预约。

Opening Hours Mon-Fri: lunch and dinner
营业时间 星期一至星期五: 午市以及晚市

550 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact Phone:03 9606 2111
联系方式 电话:03 9606 2111

Website 网站


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