At Roselands you'll enjoy a lovely and leisurely shopping environment with a great selection in Roselands Fashion, Roselands Service and Roselands Fresh, along with plenty of easy access parking. ENJOY OVER 3600 FREE CAR PARKS.

在Roselands,您可以享受愉悦和休闲的购物环境,Roselands服装、Roselands服务和Roselands Fresh,任君选择,还有大量方便的停车位。可免费享用3600多个停车位。

Opening Hours Mon-Wed: 9am-5.30pm
Thu: 9am-9pm
Fri: 9am-5.30pm
Sat: 9am-5pm
Sun: 10am-4pm
营业时间 星期一至星期三 9am-5.30pm
星期四 9am-9pm
星期五 9am-5.30pm
星期六 9am-5pm
星期日 10am-4pm

Roselands Drive, Roselands, NSW 2196, Australia

Contact Phone:02 9784 5400
联系方式 电话:02 9784 5400

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