Australia Fair Shopping Centre

Situated in the heart of the Gold Coast overlooking the beautiful Broadwater ... Australia Fair Shopping Centre is just 2km North of Surfers Paradise and lays in the centre of the Southport CBD hub. With 230 stores to choose from, you can get the latest trends for so much less. Not to mention the cheapest movie tickets on the Gold Coast at Birch Carroll & Coyle (date night now includes a Gold Class dinner!).

位于黄金海岸的中心,可远眺美丽的Broadwater澳大利亚Fair购物中心在冲浪者天堂以北2公里处,位于南港口中心商业区的中心。 有230家商店任您选择,你不用花多少钱便可以追逐最新时尚潮。 更不用说黄金海岸上的Birch Carroll和Coyle廉价的电影票了(现在晚上约会包括一顿黄金级晚餐!)。

Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 8am-9pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-6pm
营业时间 星期一至星期五 8am-9pm
星期六至星期日 8am-6pm

42 Marine Parade, Southport, QLD 4215, Australia

Contact Phone:07 5556 6600
联系方式 电话:07 5556 6600

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